‘Tweens and Teens: Ask the Practice Parent



Dear ‘Tweens and Teens,

You are phenomenal people. I adore you. Your parents adore you. But I know how it is. I was a teenager once. I have teenagers. Sometimes you need a little help bringing the adults in your life around to your point of view.

I’m here for you.

Before springing that thing you need to spring on your parents, pastor or other spiritual leader, pedagogue (teacher), or other adult potential pain in the asterix, come and practice on me.

I will do my best to let you in on some of the secrets about adults — like the reasons we say “No”, freak out, and seem like we are totally out of touch. By understanding the adult you are struggling with a little better, you will be better equipped to navigate the situation.

(Of course, not all adults are exactly alike, but there are always a few things we have in common when it comes to the kids in our lives.)

Besides the aforementioned experience with having been a teen, I was a youth pastor in the Lutheran church (and thoroughly enjoy participating in and learning about all faith traditions) and am trained in counseling your age group.

But, let’s be real — what I mostly have going for me is that, like the adults in your life, I am an adult who sometimes says “No”, sometimes freaks out, and probably seems a bit out of touch to teens. I know what we adults are thinking and can pass some of that information onto you — so that you can negotiate with the adults in your life when necessary.

So ask me anything. Can’t convince your parents to get you a cell phone? I’ve got it. Want to switch schools? I can help. Want to go to a traditional school after homeschooling? Seriously, just ask. Thinking about trying a new religion? Ask me. Sex? Yup. Religion (of any kind)? Check. Boys? Uh-huh. Girls? Of course. Have to tell a teacher you cheated? Do come here first. Fashion? Well, I can at least point you to some web-sites. Parental dress codes, though? I’m on it.

Just clink on this special little icon here (or find it in the menu bar) and ask away.MMIpracticeparenticon



All questions will be posted anonymously, though you will need to write from your e-mail address so I know you are not a bot. Or my mother seeking revenge for my teen years.