On Cultivating Parental Passions

No…not that kind.  THIS kind:

I finished knitting these tonight after the kids went to bed, a little project to keep me company through the blizzard.

While I was feeding my personal passion, HotNerd was doing Calculus FOR FUN (thus, the second half of his pseudonym).

It took me many years to come to terms with the fact that one of the things I love doing most in the world, creating something out of nothing, usually from fiber, has very little to do with my Masters of Divinity (though I actually made a quilt to accompany a paper while completing that M.Div.).  It’s amazing just how easily I can convince myself that my own passion is worthless because it does not correspond with my degree.

Likewise, HotNerd initially went to college with the hope of double majoring in math and computer science. Due to an unforeseen move to another state, he ended up switching colleges and dropping the part of his degree program that brought him the most joy.  He kept computer science because it was the most marketable of the two at the time.  And though he continues to adore programming, he has missed math all these years.

Luckily, our children have taught us that passions bring joy.  They are not a means to an end (unless, as with my passion, you end up with a kiki pair of fingerless mittens), but a part of the journey of joy and wholeness.

Thank you kids.  Thank you, son, for your endless hours submerged in a Lego bin and the hundreds of dollars worth of broken electronics you’ve dissected.  Thank you, my eldest daughter, for taking hours to get to emptying the dishwasher because your nose is always pressed in a book and for all the glassware you break while dancing through the house.  Thank you, my youngest daughter, for talking about intestines and veins and sutures during meal after meal after meal and for forcing all those trips to the hospital to count doctors while we sit in the cafe.

These kiki fingerless mittens are dedicated to you (but they’re really mine so keep YOUR mitts off of them!).  xoxoxoxo

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