Since 9/11

The events of 9/11/2001 haunt us. They were horrific. 2,977 people died. Never before had my generation in the United States seen such an atrocity. We were right to be confused and angry. We are right to mourn.

Since 9/11/2001, in the United States alone,

*  6,800 American families received notice that their loved one had died and 970,000 American soldiers filed disability claims due to post-9/11 combat.

*   447 million dollars have been spent on the 149 prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

*   1,054 firefighters have died in the line of duty (since 2003)

*  Over 360,000 people have been killed in gun deaths. An estimated  91,000 children and adolescents were injured by guns and an estimated 39,000 children and adolescents were killed by guns.

*  Over 520,000 people committed suicide, a half of those using a firearm.

*   186 children have died in school shootings and 211 have been injured.

*   An estimated 5,200 people were killed by police officers in what were considered “justifiable” homicides (there are no accurate records on “unjustifiable” homicides).

*  Violent crimes have decreased from 1.439 million per year to 1.214 million per year (as of 2012) while “justifiable” police homicides have increased from 2.63 per 10,000 violent crimes to 3.38 per 10,000 violent crimes per year.

*  People living below the poverty rate increased from 11.7 percent (2001) to 15 percent in 2012 (last year reported completely).

*  Five times more white people than black people used illegal substances. Black people were sent to prison for the use of illegal substances at a rate ten times that of white people.

*  An estimated nearly 19,000 children died from abuse or neglect.

*   Student debt has increased by 500 percent (since 1999) while wages have decreased by 10 percent.

*   An estimated 188,500 – 227,550 human beings were trafficked into the US.

Never before has any generation in the United States seen such atrocities. We are right to be confused and angry. We are right to mourn. We are right to speak out.

What atrocities are you mourning on this day?