The Socialization Song and Other Anti-homeschooling Arguments

Let’s play a game, the likes of which have not been replicated since “Finding Waldo”:  Find the Holes in the Anti-homeschooling Argument.

An actual conversation I had at a party last night:

Her: You homeschool, don’t you?  Serious lack of pause.  What about socialization?   Another lack of pause.  You’re kids are always so friendly to me.

Me: You know, socialization is just not a problem.  In fact, sometimes the problem is that they are so social, as you mentioned, that it takes us longer to get from one place to another.

Her:  I just am such a tremendous supporter of public schools.  You should support the schools in your neighborhood.  When my kids were ready for high school, we moved to a nicer neighborhood with one of the best schools in the country so that they could get a great education at a public school.

How do you expect your kids to get into college with a transcript and without the test scores?

Me: Actually, colleges are pretty excited to get homeschoolers nowadays…

Her: Well, you know the testing nowadays is out of control.   All the teaching is done for the testing.  It’s crazy.  Kids just aren’t getting a well-rounded education anymore with all the teaching to the test.

Me:  Well, that is one of the advantages…

Her:  I’m just such a strong supporter of public schools, you know.  I wouldn’t even consider a private school.  That’s why we moved — to find the best public school we could find.  It’s best to support the public schools right in your own neighborhood.

Me:  Are those strawberries over there?

Have any of you had similarly head-swirling conversations about homeschooling?