How My Abusive Father Helped Me Understand Trump Supporters [The Establishment]

“I was raised by a man like Trump, albeit without the money and political power. I understand what it is like to seek the love of an abusive father-like figure. And make no mistake—Trump is an abusive father-like figure.

My father swept into our lives when I was four years old. Near my mother’s recent death, she revealed that he appeared when she was at her weakest and convinced her that he could fix her life, that he was the only person who could help her and her five children. Given that he’d had two failed marriages already and that he had no experience parenting, nothing about his ability to convince her of this made sense—except it did to her because her first marriage had stripped her of all dignity and she was desperate. My new father honed in on her desperation and used it to choke her into submission.

Sound familiar? Trump swept into the political scene of this nation when a substantial portion of the population was feeling desperate. We can argue that their perceived disenfranchisement was overly-influenced by the media, and we can argue that their perceived desperation was a sign of deeply ingrained white privilege mixed with an educational system that failed them. We can even posit that they created their own desperation through a series of poor choices. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that they felt the kind of desperation that left them wide open to abuse. Trump honed in on that desperation and used it to choke them into submission—just as my father did to my mother.”

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